The unique Pin and Patch fair in Montreal

Thank you to all the 900+ people who came to our third edition! See you next year!

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Meet the artists

Photos by Élodie Lepape
Our mission is to promote artists and illustrators creating enamel pins and patches while bringing together fans of this vibrant, creative community.

What is it?


What are enamel pins? They are seen a lot on Instagram, but not enough on the streets of Montreal. They are fashionable, affordable and collectable accessories immortalizing an artist’s design and/or a pop culture element. They can be visual puns, intricate illustrations, feminist statements or whatever you want, really!


Patches are pretty similar in their form and function but more well known to the public. Each has it’s own possibilities.

There are pins and patches for every taste and interests. We dare say there’s at least 20 of them that are literally made for you. Once you start collecting, you’ll soon be addicted! They’re perfect for your jacket, shirt collar or simply for display in a nice frame.

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